Oaf in Bear River by Daniel G Linsteadt
Oaf in Bear River by Daniel G Linsteadt

Oaf in Bear River

The second Oaf adventure begins with Emory and Faye returning to Baba's house days before school starts. Sorely missing their magical time with the Oaf, Baba takes them on a camping trip along the Bear River in hopes of lifting their spirits. The Oaf appears and another thrilling adventure of discovery ensues for them all.

Faye meets a dragonfly named Lokni on a log in the middle of the river, and they instantly become friends. With the Oaf's help, Faye assists Lokni's dragonfly cluster to escape the swarms of yellow jackets encroaching on their river home. Emory befriends a bear cub named Takoda, who wandered off and became separated from his mother and sister. Instead of searching for his family, Emory and Takoda delight in eating and playing until the Oaf provides a little nudge.

The Oaf juggles both Emory's and Faye's quest to experience challenges from another creature's eyes. Avoiding the reporter Mr. Zolo and his journalistic pursuit to reveal the Oaf's identity and magic, Baba is forced to lend a hand. Will Mr. Zolo outsmart the Oaf before Baba, Emory, and Faye can come to his aide?

"This is exactly the kind of book I searched out as a child. It offers a sense of the magic of nature, the possibility of kind, benevolent beings who watched over me, and a sense of acknowledgment for the dignity of children. Plus, it's a fun and joyful read! I'm collecting Dan's books for my nephews."
—Susan Whitaker, Owner and teacher, Canyon Spirit Yoga Center

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